Complaints Procedure

Welcome to the Complaints Procedure page at RedZoneSports.Bet

Our complaints procedure is straightforward and easy to follow. We aim to make sure that your query is dealt with appropriately and fairly. Our formal complaints procedure takes a maximum of 8 weeks to complete.

Step 1. Explain your query clearly. Complaints should be emailed to us at Some common questions are below – before you send us your query, please make sure that this is not already answered below:

Where is my withdrawal?

1) When you reach the KYC threshold at RedZoneSports.Bet, we are required by law to ask and store at a minimum, an in-date Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. If you have not supplied your documents, we will not be able to process your withdrawal. 2) Withdrawals are nearly always processed within 24 hours from when you confirm your Withdrawal. Once it leaves RedZoneSports, it can take your bank 1-5 days to process this. We are able to provide you upon request with a time stamp of when the withdrawal was processed.

Why had my bonus not been credited?

1) Please check you have read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Most queries are related to the qualifying conditions of promotions not being met. 2) Promotions will always have crediting dates identified in the terms and conditions. Please read carefully if the promotion is automatic, or manually paid out on or before a specific date and time. 3) You may have been restricted from using promotions with RedZoneSports. RedZoneSports will always contact you within 24 hours to confirm that you are no longer eligible for promotions and bonuses.

Why were my bets cancelled?

This is usually the result of a palpable error, sporting events changing or being cancelled, or as a result of our Terms and Conditions being breached. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, bets can be voided or cancelled even after they have been placed, during events themselves and/or after they have been settled.

Data Protection

Details of how we collect, store, and use your data are set out in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Step 2. Dealing with your complaint

In the first instance your complaint will be reviewed and addressed by one of our Customer Service Agents. The agent will usually acknowledge your complaint within 48 hours and will try to resolve it within 14 days.

If you are not satisfied with your outcome, you will need to inform us of this by email. The complaint may at that point be escalated to Management.

Once Management receives your complaint, we will further review aim to resolve it within 14 days.

If you are not satisfied with your response from Customer Support Management, you will need to inform us of this by email, including the reasons that you are not satisfied with the way that your complaint has been handled. The complaint may at that point be escalated to Senior Management.

Once Senior Management receives your complaint, we will make a final decision and communicate this to you. Please note that where a matter is escalated to Senior Management, this may take up to 8 weeks to resolve from the first response.

Please note that all complaints must be escalated in accordance with the procedure set out above.

We will aim to resolve your complaint fairly and transparently. If, however, you are not happy with the final outcome, you are entitled to make a complaint to IBAS in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. You are not, though, entitled to make a complaint to IBAS until we have informed you that you have completed our Complaints Procedure.


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